The Monks


For some reason, I always liked to see people with their backs. I’m sure there is a deeply rooted psychology involved, but for me it’s much simpler. The shape of humans has a nice symmetry when compared to looking at the detail of someone facing you. I don’t do a lot of people walking away, but I just wanted to depict these monks on a mission rather than sitting in a temple. Here they’re heading back to the monastery after a day in town. I’m sure they had a good time. It’s always intrigued me how living a monastic life can be fulfilling. I never understood it, so painting monks in the midst of their daily routine may help me understand that their life is not just sitting in a lotus position contemplating the purpose of lint in relation to the universe. Plus, I got to use some interesting colors.

Acrylic on canvas, unframed size: 16″ x 20″



Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 24 in